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The Products

  • Candles are made with USA grade all natural soy wax with blends of essential oils and fragrance oils.

  • Roll on Oils are made with all natural Jojoba Oil and blended with essential and fragrance oils.

  • Moon water pillow sprays are made with blessed moon water, alcohol and essential oils.

*All products can be created into Candles, Roll on Oils & Moon Water Pillow Sprays

I am over the moon in love with this candle line! These are games/characters I grew up LOVING so much!!! 


Choose your player:  Scents


🍌DK - Banana Nut Bread

( Subtle baked banana notes, smells like the real thing!) 


👾Mario & Luigi - Metal 

(Cold and Masculine notes) 


👸🏼Princess - Georgia Peach

(fruity notes) 


🦖Yoshi - Guava Coolada 

(Subtle tropical fruit notes) 


👹Bowser - Cinnamon Fireball

(Warm spiced notes) 


🗡Legend Z - Oakmoss & Sandalwood 

(Soft grassy & earthy notes)

Press Start To Play - N64 INSPIRED LINE

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Candles are created with all natural soy wax and blends of fragrance and/or essential oils. Some candles come with added decoritive toppings such as crystals, wax dye and glitter.

    I am now offering the option of these scents to be created into roll on oils or pillow sprays.

  • There are no refunds or returns since products are made to order.

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