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The Products

  • Candles are made with USA grade all natural soy wax with blends of essential oils and fragrance oils.

  • Roll on Oils are made with all natural Jojoba Oil and blended with essential and fragrance oils.

  • Moon water pillow sprays are made with blessed moon water, alcohol and essential oils.

*All products can be created into Candles, Roll on Oils & Moon Water Pillow Sprays

Each spray is carefully crafted with special essential oils and stones to connect you with the forces of the elements. Elevate your space and embrace the magic with these New Moon water 2oz spray set. 


Earth - Cypress, Rosemary, Easrth & Wood - Smokey Quartz stone inside for Grounding


Water - Key lime, Australian Sandalwood and Eucalyptus - Aquamarine stone inside for Tranquility 


AirMyrtle, Lemon grass and Lavender - Blue Lace Agate stone inside for Communication


Fire - Cinnamon, Basil & Orange - Carnelian stone inside for Confidence 

Collection of the Elements spray set

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • 2oz spray bottle set.

    Disclaimer: These products have alcohol for sterilization mixed with essential oils. DO NOT DRINK! - These are for external use only.

  • There are no refunds or returns since products are made to order.

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